“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
– Maya Angelou

Fun Facts...

Charlotte’s Quilt Squares

One winter afternoon, while sorting stacks of vintage chenille fabric, one piece seemed to call out to the next, and before we knew it, we had the making of our signature “Charlotte’s Cozy Quilt Squares.”

Our Favorite Manufacturers

Cabin Crafts and Retrac remain our most beloved manufacturers of vintage chenille bedspreads. Feminine, old-fashioned, and exquisitely crafted, these are some of our most cherished chenille spreads.

Sunkissed Chenille Robes

Quite by accident, we discovered that our most popular chenille robes were what we call “sunkissed” – using selected cuts of vintage chenille bedspreads that have been “kissed” by the sun over time. 

Why We Love Vintage Chenille: Our Story

Folks often ask how we came to love vintage chenille.

There’s a simple answer to that:  we inherited it!

Our family collected antiques for decades.  Going to country auctions, flea markets and antique shops was a part of our rural lifestyle.  Our home was wall-to-wall curved glass china cabinets, Victorian sofas, antique prints and paintings, and a myriad array of other cherished items.

Grandma especially loved old linens.  She had a wooden storage chest overflowing with her much-loved dresses from the 1940s and 1950s, old baby clothes, quilts, curtains, and bedspreads.  When she lovingly gave us a chenille bedspread – the most romantic mauve color I’d ever seen, rich with pastel lollipop chenille flowers – I fell in love.

Sure, we love everything old.  Every antique has a story, its own energy.  An enthusiastic collector immediately senses the energy of an antique, instinctively feeling its past.  While some antiques may be uninteresting and offer little “gotta have that in my home” feeling, some – like a quality vintage chenille bedspread – call out.  It’s as if you can feel the love in each and every thick tuft.

It’s a trait that you either have – or you don’t.  Kinda like math class.  Either you liked it – or you dreaded it – knowing it isn’t your passion.  It’s that way with most antique collectors:  discovering an old treasure and giving it a new home, a new life, gives one joy, knowing a cherished part of history has been saved.

We love history…reading personal stories of endurance, fortitude and courage.  When chenille bedspreads were ‘born,’ women were able to work from their homes, creating beautiful, artistic bedspreads.  It was a way for them to express their creativity, be together with their families, and earn extra income, too.

And as the decades passed, the love, care and pride owners felt for their cherished chenille bedspreads that made their house their home, was lovingly tucked into every little tuft.

And that’s why we love chenille.

Get Crafty With Chenille…

Looking for fun ways to upcycle an old chenille bedspread? The creative possibilities are endless!

Chenille is what we call a “friendly fabric” – very often, it’s durable enough to use in garment construction, such as robes and bed jackets. 

And the rainbow of colors and rich array of fabulous textures make it the perfect choice to bring old-fashioned charm to quilts and more…