Forever Rhett’s Girl Victorian Handmade Chenille Bedspread Robe Vintage Bathrobe


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Remember the scene in the classic Gone With The Wind when Scarlett enlists Mammy to sew her a dress out of her late mother’s thick velvet curtains – so she can visit Rhett in prison looking her finest, in effort to save her beloved Tara?

That’s the scene in movie history that inspired this robe, by far the most challenging and elaborate one we have ever created. This is not only an ode to all the fabulous women out there who, just like Miss Scarlett, do what they need to – whatever it takes – to survive – but a piece of our beloved American textile history combining some of the best quality chenille bedspreads we could find from so very long ago.

There is a raw emotion in this piece…an unbridled passion…blended with a very obvious Southern grace and elegance. In person, it is at once haunting, evoking a sense of profound nostalgia as one considers all the hands who have touched it before us…and majestic in a magical array of divine colors from rosy pinks to the deep greens of the forest. Cabin Craft spreads are well known for their intricate detailing and high quality of craftsmanship, and the fabrics here do not disappoint.

This robe does not need loud colors or bedazzling sparkles to get noticed. It shatters right through conventional stereotypes and is the very definition of fierce femininity. It is the essence of strength. It is potent. It is representative of your inner Goddess calling you to step into your own power.

This is crafted using a selection of 4 vintage Cabin Craft bedspreads along with coordinating deep jewel green pop facings, wrist cuffs and decadent collar fringe all believed to be from an old, untagged Bates bedspread. A diverse, hand-selected and appliqued selection of premium Cabin Craft florals has been sewn to the lower front collar, along with the original Cabin Craft tag that was still on the spread that formed the two front panels. This intricate display has been specially sewn such that the reverse side of the collar takes an an old, paper mache-type effect for an antiquated look.

We spared no detail in this, and hand cut several tonal leaves to wrap around our own tag, sewn in at the neckline on this breathtaking piece. To be clear – this has been intentionally sewn to give it a home-spun look – after all, it was inspired by that infamous scene in GWTW…we did deep curves to join the front panels with the rear and added a handcut flower to each join for depth, left some tiny jagged fabric cuts near the fringe, and incorporated some natural fabric distressing in effort to give this a properly antiqued look.

As always if you’re looking for perfection, anything created using vintage fabric is most certainly not for you. If you’re looking for one of a kind…I can guarantee you will never see another like this.


Though the pattern used for this piece is cut to an XL, bear in mind that’s vintage sizing which was always much smaller. Our recommendation is this style would fit up to a modern L, not XL as the vintage pattern suggests.

Here are the approx finished msmts:
∙ 44″ Bust
∙ 44″ Waist (measured at belt line)
∙ 57″ Length
∙ 27″ Sleeve length
∙ 5″ Sleeve opening width
∙ 1.75″-2″ Banded sleeve width
∙ 16.5″-17″ Shoulders
∙ unlined, no stretch to fabric
∙ flowing, goddess hemline; puff sleeves

All of our handcrafted chenille robes are designed to tell a story using one-of-a-kind textiles from long ago. As such, we incorporate natural age distressing and other “flaws” intentionally into the finished piece and do not specifically make note of them.

Rest assured, we select only premium quality fabrics in good to excellent vintage condition to use in our designs. Virtually all the chenille we work with is 100% cotton or less commonly, a softer cotton blend.

❃vintage items are never perfect – but they display their imperfections perfectly!
© Simply Chenille by Charlotte

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