Over the Rainbow Bridge Poodle Dog Handmade Chenille Robe


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Over the Rainbow Bridge…The Story Behind It

My tattered leash rests on the kitchen floor
The time has come when I’ll need it no more
I’m tired and weary, worn-out and sore
The fun days of yesterday are no more.

I remember the days of squirrels, birds, and ball
When I chased and I jumped and felt ten feet tall.
I’m limping now and my paws move so slow
But what hurts me most  – is that she knows.

She calls me her best friend, yet I call her mine,
We’ve been so close for a very long time.
She saw in my eyes the end coming near
Oh! That I could comfort my best friend so dear.

I’ll always be with her, even when God calls for me
For our friendship, our love, is for eternity.
And when she longs to pet my soft fur and kiss my long ears
An angel will visit and let her know I’m right here.

As she sits in her chair and the world is shut out
She’ll feel my presence and without a doubt
She’ll know that I’m with her, filled with great love
A love that is granted from the Great Kingdom above.

She’s wrapped in her favorite memory of me
A handmade chenille bathrobe just as soft as me!
It’s like me giving her a hug and kissing her face
And we’re forever and ever in an eternal embrace.

-by Mary Bailey

❧a robe made with so much love☙
-this is meant to both honor and represent a celebration of the incredible bond we humans share with our pets
-I have forever been captivated by the amazing stories of the ways animals influence our lives
-and how our life experiences are enriched and inspired by their very presence
-pets bring us comfort and offer unconditional love and joy, something we all need more of in this world
-our beloved furry friends don’t care if we we’re “imperfect” by our (or the world’s) standards…
-they love us just as we are – no strings attached, no expectations…just pure love

-cheerful colors with an emphasis on pastels were chosen to represent the years of joy, fun and devotion shared with a faithful companion
-the rear panel upper is an old British candlewick, contrasting with 1950s era US-made sky blue cotton tufted with cloud white chenille
-this contrast represents the crossover from the Earth plane to the Other Side of the Veil
-to create the poodle, the little dog was handcut from a beloved warm pink Cabin Crafts squiggle spread, which is several shades darker than the more familiar CC ballet pinks
-the front panels are done in a patchwork-type design celebrating our storied life journey with our dear pets
-one front panel features a series of large candybox hearts nestling trios of happy flowers; the opposite side features a very rare pastel avant garde overflowing floral basket design.
-all fabrics used are original vintage cotton chenille and will have various “imperfections” that authenticate the age of the fabric and speak to the incredible journey it’s had to reach this point in time and space
-handmade with ☮ + ❤ by fluffy tufts chenille

This is a full-length bathrobe and it fits up to about a XL // 1X, with approx measurements as taken in final img, 58-60″ Bust | 58″ Waist | 52″ Length | 22″ Sleeves

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