Perky White Fluffy Pops Vintage Cabin Crafts Chenille Bedspread Fabric Piece 40×40


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?about buying chenille:

?approx msmts = 40″x40″
?these aren’t your average pops…
?they’re adorable fluffy puffy miniature snowballs
?farmhouse fresh white, all vintage cotton, by Cabin Crafts
?white can boring…but not with these plump cuties!

· w h a t · t o · k n o w ·
-this is a vintage fabric piece, not an entire bedspread
-expect various “imperfections” such as age spots, pulled threads, color variances, etc.
-please pass if you are seeking flawless or like new – vintage is neither
-color perception is deeply personal and subjective
-combined shipping available; overages >$1 refunded
© Simply Chenille by Charlotte

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