Sugar Pink Candy Dots Golden Lurex Vintage Chenille Bedspread Fabric Piece 30×33


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?about buying chenille:

?happy spring!
?approx msmts = 30″ x 33″
?true sugar pink candy “dots” flanked by fabulous golden lurex
?a somewhat more elusive design by Morgan Jones, 60s era
?what makes this super fun is some of the lurex has worn over the years
?therefore giving the piece a bit of a patina – like an old-fashioned candy wrapper
?typical strong MJ groundcloth, likely a cotton blend as most were

· w h a t · t o · k n o w ·
-this is a vintage fabric piece, not an entire bedspread
-expect various “imperfections” such as age spots, pulled threads, color variances, etc.
-please pass if you are seeking flawless or like new – vintage is neither
-color perception is deeply personal and subjective
-combined shipping available; overages >$1 refunded
© Simply Chenille by Charlotte

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